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Welcome to Agora Book Café

Get Involved!Agora Book Café is a charitable, not-for-profit initiative.

Proceeds from listed items help support not-for-profit/charitable public education, social justice, and environment conservation initiatives. Get books and art in return for contributions at different donor-levels.

We feature high quality and critically acclaimed Canadian and international titles.

Are you also looking for a book in a particular subject area? Contact Agora Book Café for FREE subject area book searches. Check out Agora's customer service support. Toll Free: 1-888-377-2222.

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Quantuum Economics: <br>Wage Slavery or the Quality-of-Life?<br>Choices in the
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Quantuum Economics:
Wage Slavery or the Quality-of-Life?
Choices in the "New Economy"

By Horace Carby and Raymond Samuels
Published. Copyright: April 2003. ISBN: 1894839609

An envisioned NEW social science of economics, health and ecology.

The book presents a rejuvenated development paradigm of economics, in relationship to ecology and the quality-of-life.

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The Canadian National Newspaper
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The Canadian National Newspaper

The Canadian is an editorially independent and not-for-profit national newspaper. It is inspired by Canada's very first newspaper called 'Le Canadien', that was founded in 1806.

We are committed to affirming a sovereign Canada, by defending the national public interest via a critical ap...

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